Desserts are one of our specialties, and adding desserts to your wedding or event is a great way to highlight your cake! Here are some of our most popular options.

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We can theme your cupcakes around your event and cake design. They are beautiful and taste as good as they look! Our cupcakes come in standard or mini sizes. Contact us for details!

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Cake Pops

Our cake pops are a crowd favorite and the flavor options are endless! We are continuously coming up with new fun and unique flavor combinations for your to try. Ask us about our top favorites.

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Hand dipped chocolate strawberries that are hard to say “no thanks” to. They are a classic, and delicious choice!

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Dessert Bar

One of the most popular options for weddings! Mix and match any combination of your favorite desserts. Many brides will order the dessert bar to accent their wedding cake.

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Dessert Shooters

These are decadent, no-bake, bite size desserts that are great for any party or get-together. We like to refer to them as adult “dirt cups”!


Snowball Cookies

Snowball cookies are a delicious, nutty cookie rolled in powder sugar. These are melt in your mouth tasty!



A little bite of heaven! The flavor possibilities for truffles are as countless as they are for our cake pops. These are rich, creamy gourmet chocolates. Truffles were the first item that we started selling back in 2013. For us, they are truly a classic!